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MCS has been in the IT support business since 1998 and is focused on working with small companies so they can reach their potential.


MCS will take on clients with as few as 1 machine but will not take on new clients with over 30. Once you have a support arrangement with MCS we can easily offer support when you grow beyond our 30 machine limit, we simply limit the size of new clients so we can offer the personal service that we love and you deserve.


We can provide a full range of hardware and software audit service from desktop computers, servers and software to copiers, scanners and switching equipment.  


Onsite and Offsite

 All your hard work is very precious and we take securing it very seriously.  Our minimum standard if 3 different backup sets on 3 different mediums in at least 2 different locations.  

We don’t just set and forget either, we test the backups periodically so you know we have you safe and sound.


Without disturbing your day

We pride ourselves on ensuring that all equipment is kept up to date and not just your workstations and servers.  

We will ensure that all firmware is the latest, all drivers are certified and all changes are tested out of business house.

24 / 7 SUPPORT

365 days a year

We can monitor all services 24/7 and if needed respond and resolve while your still sleeping.  

We pride ourselves on ensuring that your office is ready  to work when you are and if we need to visit site we can be there waiting for you to arrive.